Swim with Dolphins and Snorkeling

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Family (2 to 4 pax): 10,000 MUR 
Family (5 to 8 pax): 15,000 MUR

We'll embark at 6:30 AM, just as the sun rises, setting the stage for a breathtaking adventure on the west coast of Mauritius. The fresh morning air and the first light of dawn create a magical atmosphere as we set sail to encounter the dolphins that inhabit these crystal-clear waters.

After 20 minutes of serene navigation, we'll reach the domain of the spinner dolphins. In groups, they move gracefully and joyfully, and we'll have the unique opportunity to swim alongside them, sharing a harmonious moment with these extraordinary creatures.Around 7:30 AM, we'll continue our adventure by snorkeling at the natural aquarium. 

This dive site teems with colorful marine life, offering a stunning underwater spectacle. Amidst vibrant corals and tropical fish, you'll discover a hidden world of unparalleled beauty.

Join us for this early morning excursion that perfectly combines the excitement of a dolphin encounter with the tranquility of underwater exploration. It's a memorable experience that captures the very essence of Mauritius' natural beauty.

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